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Side-bun-hairstyle, the side bun is one of those hairstyles that flatter almost all women. it’s a fun, flirty and versatile updo allowing you to feel pulled together without looking fussy. there are so many ways to rock the side ‘do, and whatever you choose depends on your personal style, preference and occasion.. The side bun hairstyle is a nice and beautiful style that can be done with all types of hairs and colors. the only requirement for this hairstyle is the length of the hair. beautiful side bun hairstyle ideas the beauty of the side bun is undeniable., while there are several popular hairstyle variants, the side bun and bun variants are forever known for their vintage vibe, fashionable and elegant look. these new variants of side bun hairstyles are what we present to you in this article..

Side buns are one such variation of the traditional bun hairstyle which women like to experiment with. either they tie it in a neat simple ball or braid it in a bunch. they also like to decorate it with bands and pins. bangs and curls are also employed on side buns for a better and brisk effect., if you are looking for a new style that will make you feel flirty and fun, then the side bun style is for you. you can wear these styles anywhere and you won’t regret it for a minute. they can be dressed up for formal events or left casual for everyday wear..

The side bun is quick, cute hairstyle for hair of any kind. with several variations, you can adjust it for anything from a casual beach visit to a special occasion. most side buns come in the “messy” variety, with loosely pinned hair and free-hanging wisps. wear a casual side bun for a casual day or evening out., the easiest messy side bun you'll ever do! it definitely works better on long hair, but you can try a version of it on medium hair. how to tease your hair - ....

Side braid buns are getting popular among women especially for those who are looking for a perfect hairstyle for a wedding or some other formal event where you want to look elegant and beautiful. these buns hairstyles are simple, easy to do and classy. classic side braided bun hairstyles, the bun is to the lower side and not near the crown of the head which provides a different look from the back. this hairstyle from blogger negin mirsalehi is of the most sophisticated, yet unexpected, hairstyles i’ve come across in a while (and i look at hair blogs a lot).