Who Cares How Long You Sink

Poland 2006 by Nikita

Large ensemble devoted to a breath process of orchestration.

Artist Statement - 2001
Who Cares How Long You Sink is a group devoted to the slower aesthetic of musical movement.  It is an attempt at making music move at a pace that closer represents the movement and growth of nature.  Representing something like the moons travel across the night sky and/or a tree's sway in one area of that sky, rather than locomotion or some societal action.  Most material is played during the musicians’ natural inhales or exhales and not to an external clock.  Allowing everyone to move at their own pace through the material, becoming one layer in the stack of sound, motion and harmonic possibilities.

Artist Statement - 2007
The breath process becomes orchestration for the Ajemian's folk forms and vocal experiments.


Who Cares How Long You Sink Folk Forms Evaporate Big Sky

Sundmagi smr001 CD


Who Cares How Long You Sink Self Titled

Lucky Kitchen CD


Notable Past Performances

Sep 4th Who Cares How Long You Sink L'ENVERS Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Mar 22nd Who Cares How Long You Sink Chicago Cultural Center Chicago , IL
Dec 13th Who Cares How Long You Sink

Perfroming Media Act

Bucci Theatre San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy
Oct 27th Who Cares How Long You Sink

Festival Della Creativita

Florence , Italy
Jun 1st Who Cares How Long You Sink Fontana's New York, NY

w/ Bear In Heaven

Feb 18th Who Cares How Long You Sink

Frequencies Exhibition

Tonic New York, New York

Press Quotes

Who Cares How Long You Sink:

Time Out Chicago / Issue 148 : Dec 27, 2007–Jan 2, 2008

Best local albums of 2007

Matthew Lurie - Time Out Chicago

Who Cares How Long You Sink:

"Folk Forms Evaporate Big Sky is what music is for, to define, undefine and redefine, to forget and remember, to struggle and release?and most importantly, to be inventively and innovatively musical."

Foxy Digitalis: review

Who Cares How Long You Sink: Self Titled

"Music has an awesome power that even in its laziness and tranquility; it exudes this awesome, life-affirming power. Stop me now, if I'm starting to sound like one of those TV spinsters, but it's the truth. Having heard a piece of music that is breathtaking, I immediately stop whatever it is that I'm doing and take note. I'm all ears. It's just me and the sounds coming out of those speakers. Jason Ajemian's new record is one such release. Compositions he pens are works of real beauty."


- Tom Sekowski, Gaz-Eta

Who Cares How Long You Sink:

"While Folk Forms Evaporate Big Sky contains a mere five songs, each one inherits enough depth and intuitiveness to express more ideas than most contemporary bands have expressed in their entire careers."

Obscure Sound Feature by Mike Mineo