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Hairstyles-for-relaxed-hair-going-natural, going natural from relaxed hair: advice that will help you start transitioning. when going natural from relaxed hair, there really isn’t a correct way to do it. please don’t listen to other naturals that tell you that you’re going natural the wrong way. regardless of what others tell you, there really isn’t a right or wrong way to do it.. How i successfully transitioned from relaxed to natural hair. since i transitioned for two years i feel like its my duty to not forget about the transitioners out there this is exactly what i did ..., decided to ditch the chemicals and heat, and embrace your natural curls? here are the 9 stages you go through when you transition from relaxed to natural hair..

Hairstyles for relaxed hair, hi i really need help!i just started transitioning from relaxed to natural i cut my split ends and now i dont know where to begin with starting my journey i am so lost and confused please help! right now i just have my hair in two braids and i dont know what products to use how often to wash my hair, how to get curls and keep them while ....

Apr 12, 2014 - from relaxed to natural this is my hair regimen to get me through., learn how to moisturize natural hair daily using this effective tips! moisturizing natural hair can be challenging but learning how to moisturize hair by finding the right moisturizer for natural hair but once you master the art of learning how to moisturize curly hair you will see a explosive... Here's my quick and easy go-to hairstyle after washing my hair. i like this hairstyle as of lately when i'm taking a break from wigs and feed in braids. this sleek low curly puff makes me excited ..., transitioning hairstyles.

Jan 8, 2020 - transitioning hair and 2 different textures